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Choosing a family law attorney is an important decision. Because of the emotional nature of family law, the attorney you choose will shape the way your case is handled. You want an honest attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable of the law and skilled in court. Our law firm provides excellent legal representation in all of these areas and will serve you well. For more than 20 years, the Law Office of Parker Edmiston has devoted a substantive part of his practice to the area of family law with offices in Scottsboro and Huntsville, we serve a diverse clientele by assisting them with their unique family law matters. Whether you are involved in a divorce, paternity, child support or post divorce modification, our divorce and family law attorneys will adeptly handle your case.

Our Firm Philosophy: A Divorce Without Drama When Possible

We believe that it is always better for our clients to settle out of court if the other party is reasonable because of:

  1. Cost: Going to litigate matters is expensive. An agreement between the parties is usually less expensive for both parties involved.
  2. Relationships: During the course of a divorce or custody dispute, the last thing on your mind is preserving whatever is left of your relationship with your spouse. However, if there is a child in common, parents will have to interact with one another for rest of their lives (or at least the children’s lives) and litigation tends to make that relationship even more tense.
  3. Control: You know your situation better that anyone. It makes sense to try to retain as much control of the outcome, rather than giving that power to a judge.

While our office philosophy is to settle whenever possible, we also realize that not everyone is reasonable in these situations. When necessary, we use litigation to protect our client’s rights. We are experienced in the courtroom and work hard to help our clients reach their goals. However, we save litigation as a last resort.

Quality Legal Services, Cost Effective Representation

At the law office of Parker Edmiston, we pride ourselves in the cost-effective service that we provide to our clients. Put simply, we believe that, with the proper representation, you can successfully and affordably navigate whatever difficult situation you may be facing. We will never unnecessarily consume your attorney fees and, being mindful of the costs involved, we will keep you informed of every significant legal action taken on your behalf.

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