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Child Support and Modification

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Child Support

In 1984, the United States Congress passed the Child Support Enforcement Amendment, which required each State to establish state-wide guidelines for child support. In Alabama, the legislature created an Advisory Committee on Child Support Guidelines and Enforcement which drafted guidelines for our State. These “guidelines” are set forth in Rule 32 of the Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration, which established forms to ensure all child support cases are treated equally across the State.

The Alabama Supreme Court adopted the Committee’s guidelines and this has created the basic framework for Judges to follow in determining a uniform amount of child support in every case. That is, a mathematical formula, based on the income of the parties and several other factors to ensure that, given the same facts, a child support calculation is the same no matter which court orders the child support.

Determining Child Support

Even when all of the parties are focused on the child’s best interest, the issue of child support can be a volatile element of the divorce while we understand that money does not grow on trees. There is a guide line that must be followed in calculating child support. Child support is usually very important from both parents’ perspectives and both parties need to be confident that it was calculated fairly under the law.

Child support is determined by looking at both parents’ incomes and several factors that might result in an increase or decrease in the amount of child support. Some of those factors are:

  • The cost of health insurance for the children
  • The cost of work-related child care
  • Whether either parent has a pre-existing child support order

What if I want to Modify My Child Support?

If you are paying child support pursuant by a court order and your income has deceased “significantly” or you believe that your former spouse’s income has significantly increased, we can help you decide whether to seek a modification. Legally speaking, an increase or decrease in income is only “significant” if it results in at least 10 percent increase or decrease in the child support obligation. However, each case is different and it is always best to consult with an experienced firm to answer your child support questions.

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