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Establishing Paternity

In Alabama, paternity or parentage is how a father’s legal relationship with his child is established. Regardless of whether you are the unmarried father or mother of a child, it is vital that you act to protect your rights and the rights of your child by establishing parentage.

At the Law Office of Parker Edmiston, we provide honest, competent and experienced advice and representation for individuals seeking to establish parentage. Our law firm works with unmarried mothers and fathers to assist them through the process.

Establishing Father’s Rights

In Alabama, if a child is born to unmarried parents, the mother receives the right to exclusive care and custody of the child. If you are an unmarried father, you must file a petition to establish paternity. That means, you need to go to court to establish parentage and parenting time with your child if you want to:

  • Establish that you are the father of the child
  • Provide the child with your last name
  • Ensure a complete medical history for the child
  • Establish child support
  • Carry the child on your medical insurance plan
  • Establish a visitation or custody order

Protecting Mother’s Rights

As the unmarried mother of a child, Alabama law gives you custody of your child. However, it is likely that the child’s father will file an action to establish parentage and seek a custody or visitation order. As a part of the parentage lawsuit, child support will be established.

Oftentimes, the father will also seek to establish certain days and times on which he can visit the child. It’s extremely important not only to be prepared for this, but also to know how to respond. We can help you.

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